Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
on April 21, 2023

What is the difference between a Rebuilt OEM and a New Aftermarket Component?

  • A Rebuilt OEM Component is an original part that has been disassembled, cleaned, and inspected. With the critical internals being measured based on the machines original technical manual’s specifications. All out of spec internal and external parts are either reconditioned back to allowable specifications (if possible) or replaced with new parts. These components are repaired and completed by trained technicians and undergo substantial hydraulic and functional testing before they are ready for sale.
  • A New Aftermarket Component refers to a direct copy or replacement of the original factory-built component. If the highest quality of New Aftermarket is desired, then it is advisable to purchase these through reliable sources such as larger scale component specialists and the equipment dealers. These companies have the resources, technical knowledge, and in-house capabilities of providing an industry leading “pre-delivery inspection and functional operational test” before the product is delivered.


What is the approximate average lifespan of a common excavator hydraulic component?

  • Major hydraulic components on an excavator have an approximate lifespan of 8000 to 10,000 hours from new. Many contractors opt to remove these machines from high level production or aim to maintain and or upgrade the main components around this hour range.


What is the difference between John Deere and Hitachi?

  • For many years, John Deere and Hitachi were closely aligned and the only main machine differences were the engines, cooling systems and the colour. Depending on the size of the machines, often the only difference was found in the exterior colors and the branding.


How does our customer know if the aftermarket component option is of the highest quality?

  • First and foremost is who is supplying or wholesaling the components. Secondly, If the price of the part seems unusually low in comparison to other options, then it is likely of the lowest quality in terms of overall build and materials used. If the highest quality of New Aftermarket is desired, then it is advisable to purchase these through reliable sources such as larger scale component specialists and the equipment dealers. These companies have the resources, technical knowledge, and in-house capabilities of providing operational component testing.


How does our customer know if they are receiving a high-quality aftermarket, Genuine Factory built and tested product?

  • Authorized Dealers and Service Centers provide a product that is designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested directly from the factory. This means, the individual parts have not been purchased, assembled, and sold by way of other third-party countries. To ensure you are receiving a genuine Handok Hydraulic Component – the ID tag will be specifically and subtly branded with our support divisions logos. This was done to eliminate false branded alternatives and instill confidence in our customers throughout North America and provide confidence in the true origin and quality of these products.


Are New Aftermarket Components Reliable and Consistent?

  • Yes – but only if purchased from a professional component supplier, technical repair shop, hydraulic repair centers and or the official licensed dealers. Otherwise, there really is no difference from purchasing the incorrectly labelled, incorrectly pictured, low quality manufactured component directly from the most popular online marketplace websites.


Why are there so many cheap aftermarket component options suddenly available?

  • In the last 10 years, overseas manufactures have worked tirelessly to improve the material, craftsmanship and overall quality of their New Aftermarket replacement components. It can be an overwhelming or confusing decision when trying to decide which option is best for you or your customer, especially with the emergence of many overseas online marketplace type stores and unqualified parts brokers who mainly focus on selling or supplying the most inexpensive product at the highest mark up. These are often individuals or smaller companies and very easy to pinpoint – nearly all the products sold, arrive in the same thin wooden crates, with either yellow, blue, or green plastic material surrounding the components. The parts may look impressive on the exterior, but it’s the vital internals where the quality matters the most.


What does New OEM mean?

  • To most of us, New OEM means: New Original Equipment Manufacturer. Which would lead us to believe that these are brand new products, assembled and tested by the original equipment manufacturer. However, oftentimes the term New OEM gets lost in translation and the part being offered is in fact not a true New OEM. A genuine New OEM product will be the option at the highest price point and often only available through licensed dealers and service centers.


What does Factory Rebuilt mean?

  • What has happened in the last 5 to 10 years and is publicly shared with the industry is that some overseas countries purchase defective products and rebuild them, often by unqualified individuals and unfavourable conditions. These are then advertised to North American companies as either New OEM or Factory Built Components. This explains the countless functional issues, improper control settings and extremely low price point of what is allegedly a New Original or Factory Built Product.


What is the deal with online market stores that have their parts located in overseas countries?

  • With the use of the internet, the connection to overseas brokers and suppliers has never been easier. As a result, we have seen the emergence of “pop-up” like warehouses, online marketplaces and local brokers selling low quality parts from their living rooms and often with no product knowledge or testing capabilities. Buy and beware when purchasing through these platforms. Follow ups or technical support will be nonexistent.