What Options Do I Have For Excavator Replacement Parts?

What Options Do I Have For Excavator Replacement Parts?
on November 14, 2023

When it comes time to replace your excavator’s parts, you have several options, each with its own pros and cons. At Leemar, we strive to offer you the best options in the industry, including new, used, and aftermarket parts. 

excavator part options - pros and cons

New OEM Parts

New OEM Parts, or original equipment manufacturer parts, are new parts manufactured directly from the manufacturer’s factory. Untouched, never used or refurbished. 


The pros of using new OEM parts are: 

  • Quality: New OEM Parts are manufactured by the exact specifications for the machine and are made by the manufacturer to be a 1-1 replacement for the original. You have the assurance from the manufacturer that the part was designed specifically for, and therefore works with, the machine you are servicing. 
  • Warranty:  OEM Parts typically come with a product warranty policy and claims process that is well defined. The actual lenght and rules of the individual part’s warranty depends on the individual part and brand.
  • Longer Life span: In general, New OEM parts have a longer life span compared to used refurbished and used salvaged. They may also have a longer lifespan than new aftermarket parts, but it varies by part types and brand. However, the biggest impact to the life span of a part depends on maintenance, ground material, temperature, etc, regardless of the brand. 

The cons of using new OEM parts are: 

  • Price Point: New OEM Parts are usually more expensive than other options. The cost can be a barrier for those with budget constraints.
  • Availability: Often manufacturers discontinue certain parts over time for older or less common models. This makes it challenging to obtain new OEM parts.
  • Strict Warranty Rules:  Typically the qualifications for warranty claims are stricter with OEM parts than it would be with an aftermarket or used part. The age of the machine may also have an impact on whether the part qualifies for warranty, and you may be required to provide detailed information including the machine’s maintenance records in order to qualify for full warranty. 

In summary, new OEM parts are reliable and up to the manufacturer’s standards with warranties; however, the higher price point, possible availability issues, and strict warranty claim rules may require extra time and effort. 

New Aftermarket Parts 

New Aftermaret parts are replacement parts that are manufactured by a third-party company and not by the original manufacturer. 

The aftermarket brand itself has a large impact over the quality and longevity of the part. It can also be hard to compare aftermarket parts because various brands will hold different quality standards, performance testing, and warranty policies. It can be hard to find and compare aftermarket parts. At Leemar, we have personally reviewed and tested our aftermarket parts to ensure quality, so you can shop with confidence when you buy from us. 


The pros of using new aftermarket parts are: 

  • Cost Effective: New aftermarket parts offer lower prices compared to new OEM parts. This cost effectiveness can reduce businesses and equipment owners maintenance costs, and also help make regular maintenance more affordable. 
  • Brand-New Product: As the name suggests, it is brand new, never been used, and likely to have a longer lifespan than a salvaged or refurbished used part.
  • Availability: Aftermarket parts are more available and easy to access and when it comes to older or less common models, reducing downtime and project delays.
  • Brand Options: The variety of third-party companies give wide options for businesses and equipment owners such as price differences, quality standards and service levels. 

 The cons of using new aftermarket parts are: 

  • Quality Inconsistency: Third Party brands hold different standards, performance and quality of the parts. Some companies that meet or surpass OEM standards, others may not. This is the main reason to purchase from a company you know and trust. 
  • Brand Identification: Often other countries’ products don’t have company name, parts tags on the parts. This makes it hard to identify the source, quality of parts or potential reliability.
  • Project interruption: Lower-quality aftermarket parts could break down easily compared to OEM or high quality new aftermarket parts. This may increase the chance of downtime and frequent repairs. 

As you can see, the majority of the cons of using aftermarket parts revolves around the ability to vet and source from a quality manufacturer. At Leemar, we have built great business relationships with many reliable and reputable manufacturers to provide the best quality aftermarket parts at reasonable prices to our customers. We are mechanics first, and have the knowledge and capability to independently evaluate aftermarket parts. We continue working on the strong and enduring commitment to provide best quality and reliable parts to our customers.


Used Refurbished 

Refurbished parts are used parts that have been repaired and tested through a process of disassembly, replacement or repair of damaged internal ocmponents and reassembly. The quality of refurbished parts will vary greatly on the company you’re relying on to provide the product. At Leemar, we have a team of experienced mechanics that work on all of our refurbished parts. 


  • Price point: Often refurbished parts are available at lower price than brand new components. This budget friendly option can be attractive to businesses and equipment owners looking to reduce maintenance expenses.
  • Material Repurposing: Refurbished parts contained repurposed, reusing, salvaging components. This gives many parts another life and at the same time reduces waste.
  • In-House Testing: Leemar’s refurbished parts in-house testing procedures are very thorough and accurate. This attention to detail promises Leemar’s refurbished parts are meeting the highest quality it can be. 


  • Not everything is brand new - Because of this reason it affects part’s life span. However, the quality of refurbished parts is hugely dependent on knowledge and precise procedures by the refurbishing company.
  • Limited warranty - Refurbished parts warranty is limited than brand new parts. If repair is needed after the warranty period, the cost of repair falls into the owner's own cost. 

Leemar’s thorough in-house quality test assures the refurbish part’s reliability. Also Leemar works closely with a professional hydraulic repair company which offers top notch consulting, testing and repairing. 


Used Salvaged Parts 

Used salvaged parts are from machines being sold without any repair or replacement of damaged internal components. Used salvaged parts are usually popular to individuals or businesses who own old machines and want to keep the maintenance or replacement cost low.


  • Potential low hours on the part: This is one of the adventurous moves to choose parts. It might have low hours of usage.
  • Price point: In general, used salvaged parts offer a more affordable price than brand new parts. This can be beneficial for equipment owners or businesses to save repair cost or replacement parts cost


  • Unpredictability: one of the most serious concerns of used salvaged parts is uncertainty of part’s quality and reliability because it is being sold without any testing or repairing or refurbishing. You’re seldom lucky to find used salvaged parts that are in a good condition with low usage hours.
  • Hit or miss: Again the uncertainty of the part’s condition you have an equal chance of getting decent or unreliable parts
  • Low to non-warranty: Because it is the most cost effective way of purchasing parts so it doesn’t come with a warranty or comes with minimum warranty possible.
  • Time-consuming: it can take a lot of research and time to find a quality used part. You may also be stuck waiting for a part due to a lack of inventory. 

Leemar offers The Core Exchange. Main goal of this program is to reduce waste and save parts as much as we can so the parts can have another life, and of course offer a reasonable discount to our customers. When you need a new part you can purchase from Leemar and send us your old part. This way you can participate in the Green Initiative also it is budget friendly. More info please contact us!


How to spot a reputable company?

No one appreciates downtime, delayed projects and extra stress so it is very important to find a reputable company to purchase parts you need. However it might be a challenge to find a reputable components/parts company. Here are some tips.

  • Longevity: Usually people or businesses with many years of experience and operate under a strong positive track record offer great quality of product and services.
  • Clients testimonials: When people received wonderful service or experienced great experience tend to leave feedback. This will be one of the ways to find the company.
  • Word of mouth: Like people sharing good movies or restaurants with their family and friends you might hear from other equipment owners or businesses about companies with good reputations and stable track records. 
  • Expertise: A strong sales team with many years of experience in the industry also a great way to find a reputable company