New Aftermarket

Hitachi EX330LC-5 Main Hydraulic Pump

New Aftermarket

Hitachi Zaxis 350-3 Main Hydraulic Pump

New Aftermarket

Hitachi Zaxis 350LC-5N Main Hydraulic Pump

New Aftermarket

Hitachi Zaxis 450-3 Main Hydraulic Pump

New Aftermarket

John Deere 200CLC Main Hydraulic Pump

New Aftermarket

John Deere 270CLC Main Hydraulic Pump

Leemar specializes in John Deere and Hitachi’s major excavator components.

The premier and longest standing excavator parts supplier for Canada and the USA.

From Final Drives, Travel Motors, Swing Motors, Swing Drives, Control Valves, Main Pumps, Boom Cylinders, Arm Cylinders, Bucket Cylinders, Track Adjusters and Cab Doors these main components are readily available and supplied all over North America.

Whether you are looking for new, used or rebuilt excavator parts, Leemar has parts in all categories and classes.

New excavator components are either genuine OEM or high-quality aftermarket, provided at a discounted price and specified for each machine. Rebuilt excavator parts are carefully disassembled, cleaned, measured, inspected, and reassembled using genuine internals and tested by our in-house accredited hydraulic shop.

All new and rebuilt excavator parts come with industry leading warranties and are backed by trained equipment technicians. At Leemar, all our frontline sales team members are heavy duty mechanics and contain the intricate knowledge to ensure you get the exact part to keep your heavy equipment up and running.

Can you imagine building roads, without the use of heavy equipment? Especially excavators? In this...

When it comes time to replace your excavator’s parts, you have several options, each with its own pros and cons. At Leemar, we strive to offer you the best options in the industry, including new, used, and aftermarket parts.

Here are the answers to our top 10 most frequently asked questions about buying rebuilt OEM and aftermarket excavator parts.